Large cavities or extensive damage to your tooth enamel can cause the nerves within the pulp cavity to become inflamed and cause pain. This could be an indicator that you need root canal or endodontic therapy in Mid-Wilshire Los Angeles. Martin Allaire, DDS provides the latest techniques in root canal therapy so you can receive the treatment you need in a painless and relaxed manner.

Who needs root canal therapy?

Most cases of cavities or infections that cause the nerve tissues in the tooth to be exposed can be treated with root canal therapy, as the only alternative to tooth extraction.

Many dentists recommend root canal therapy because it is highly effective and successful, and allows you to keep your natural tooth. Preserving your original teeth offers both cosmetic and functional benefits. It helps to save a tooth that would otherwise need to be extracted, leaving a gap that may allow other teeth to shift out of position and affect your bite and smile. It also helps to eliminate the additional cost of subsequent dental work to replace a missing tooth, like bridgework, dentures, or implants.

What to expect - Root Canals Mid-Wilshire Los Angeles

When you arrive for your root canal treatment, Dr. Allaire will gently numb your teeth gums to eliminate any pain during the procedure. Next, he’ll drill a hole into your tooth to access the infected pulp or damaged nerve tissue and completely remove it using state-of-the-art dental equipment. After the pulp and nerve tissue has been removed, any debris left in the canal is flushed-out using a special solution.

Topical antibiotics are then applied to the canal to get rid of any remaining infection, after which it can be sealed with a rubber compound (gutta-percha). Though the cavity has been filled, the tooth structure has been weakened. So a crown is placed over the restoration to both strengthen and protect the tooth. The crowns are fabricated from tooth-colored material to ensure your smile looks natural.

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