Chipped or broken teeth caused by biting or chewing on hard items or trauma can affect the normal function of your teeth and ruin your smile. Fortunately, such cases of tooth damage, including holes caused by dental decay can be successfully treated with dental fillings in Mid-Wilshire Los Angeles.

Dental Fillings - Mid-Wilshire Los Angeles

Minor cases of tooth damage are not considered as dental emergencies, because they don’t cause any pain or other uncomfortable symptoms. That said, Martin Allaire, DDS recommends treating cavities and fractures as early as possible to prevent bacteria buildup and additional decay, which may lead to costlier and more time consuming treatments later on.

Tooth Colored Fillings - Mid-Wilshire Los Angeles

Composite resin fillings are more aesthetic in appearance compared to most of the conventional materials such as gold or silver amalgam. Composite resins are made from a plastic and glass mixture, and can be customized to have the same appearance as your tooth enamel, giving you a natural tooth repair solution that is virtually unnoticeable.

Composite resin fillings can also be used as a cosmetic solution for reshaping disfigured teeth or changing their color. They can be successfully placed in any tooth position to restore damaged or decayed areas while improving the appearance of your smile.

Placement of composite fillings

Dental fillings are typically placed in a single appointment. First, the tooth is numbed to prevent any pain when preparing the tooth for filling placement. Site preparation may include removing decay or an old or damaged filling, and then thoroughly cleaning the area. A special medication may be applied to protect the tooth if the decay was close to the tooth nerve.

Composite resin that closely matches your teeth color is selected and precisely placed, molded, and polished, helping to restore your decayed or damaged tooth to its original shape, size, and appearance. The repair should last about 10 years with proper dental hygiene and habits, such as avoiding nail biting or wearing a night guard to manage grinding.

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Whether you have a chipped tooth or cavity, Dr. Allaire can provide the right solution to help restore the function and aesthetics of your mouth. Please contact our office in Mid-Wilshire Los Angeles to learn more about dental fillings and/or schedule an appointment so we can discuss your dental goals.